Looking For The Perfect Edible Gift? Try These Options And Baskets

If you want to send a gift basket in gratitude to another person, or you want to order something that you can give them that isn't chocolates or a bunch of junk food, there are some different things that you can consider. If you don't want to send them some gooey treats that are high in sugar and calories, and instead you want to give them something that is more substantial, there are gift baskets and gift ideas that you can look into instead. Think about what the person prefers to eat or drink and then look into these options.

Specialty Nuts

Nuts are a high-protein snack filled with healthy fats that are a much healthier option when compared to chocolates or other types of desserts like cookie baskets and gifts. There are several different types of specialty nuts that you can order in baskets, and some that have been candied, covered in chocolate, sugared, and more. A nut sampler is a great way to taste multiple nuts at once. Or if you know your friend's favorite nut is pecans, then consider ordering specialty pecans from local companies, such as Bagley Pecans.

Wine and Cheese

A glass of red wine a day can be good for the heart, and cheese is full of calcium and other nutrients that are great for the body. Send a basket that pairs great wine with delicious gourmet cheeses, and don't feel guilty about sending the basket because you aren't sending them a basket that is full of junk. These also sometimes come with neat wine stoppers, charms, or other gifts.

Coffee or Tea

If the person is big drinker of coffee or tea, you can find a basket that will be constructed just for them. The basket will include coffees, teas, mugs and other items, and it's something that you know they will enjoy and use after they receive it. Some may come with specialty scones, biscuits, or other types of crackers or snacks.

When you are spending the money on a gift for someone else, you want to make sure that you get your money's worth and that you are getting something that other person will enjoy when they receive it. These are just a variety of the different things that you can look into if you don't want to get chocolates or other items that aren't the healthiest, or if you are shopping for someone who doesn't like or can't have a lot of sugar. Explore your options and choose a great method of deliver for the items.