Hosting A Deli Sandwich Party For Sensitive Guests? Consider These Tips

If you plan to host a deli sandwich party for guests with sensitive digestive systems or health problems, you should take steps to make their time more enjoyable. Deli sandwiches come in so many different types of meat, cheeses, breads, and condiments. But some of your guests might have problems eating certain types of meat, cheese, and bread. You can keep your party on schedule by considering the tips below. 

Choose Your Meat

The meat used for your deli sandwiches should be light, flavorful, and healthy for your guests. If some of your guests plan to lose weight or get fit this year, they may appreciate the lighter choices. Some of your guests may have heart problems and high blood pressure that requires them to eat a low-sodium diet. You can instruct a caterer to place turkey breasts on your sandwiches.

It's a good idea that you consult directly with your guests before you order your deli sandwiches. This can help you choose the right types of meat for your guests. Also, be sure to find out what types of condiments your guests like to add to their sandwiches. Some guests may have problems digesting mayonnaise, relish, and other sandwich additions. You can always serve the condiments separately to keep your guests happy during the party.

After you select your meat, consider the types of bread and cheese you wish to add to your sandwiches.

Choose Your Bread and Cheese

Before you choose your deli bread and cheese, ask your guests if they have any digestive system problems or allergies. If some of your guests have allergies to wheat or gluten, you want to choose bread that doesn't upset these conditions. The alternatives to wheat may include lettuce wraps, portobello mushrooms, and sweet potatoes. You can ask a caterer to replace the bread for your sandwiches with these selections.

For your cheese selections, you want to use cheese that doesn't irritate your guests' digestive system or stomachs. Your choices may include cheddar, feta, goat, and Swiss cheese. You may also use no cheese for your sandwiches.

If some of your guests don't have allergies to gluten or dairy, you can order sandwiches that contain traditional deli cheese varieties. These choices include mozzarella and blue cheese. You can always mix and match your cheese to keep your sandwiches interesting.

If you're ready to order your deli sandwiches, contact a food caterer like Cogman's Creek.