Tips For Eating Edible Flowers

Are you looking to try something a bit different in the kitchen when you prepare your next meal? While it's common for flowers to sometimes be on the dinner table as part of a centerpiece arrangement, some folks are finding that certain flowers are actually better to consume as part of a dish. Edible orchids and other flowers continue to grow in popularity. But with that said, you don't want to just walk out into your yard and start picking your lunch. Here are some tips for eating edible flowers.

Purchase From a Vendor Instead of Picking Yourself

First things first, you don't know if a flower is truly safe to eat out in the wild. You could think a flower is one thing and it ends up being something else entirely. Other flowers may come into contact with pesticides and other chemicals that you don't want entering your body.

For best results, you should stick with a vendor of specialty foods that sources edible orchids and other flowers in a safe manner. You can then add a petal or two to your meal without worrying about where the flower has come from or what it has come into contact with.

It's Usually a Garnish Not a Meal

Technically speaking if you just want to nosh down on nothing but orchids and rose petals for your next meal, no one is going to stop you. But most people who enjoy edible floral enjoy it as something that can add some extra flavor to another dish. Perhaps you can add a few petals to your next salad or add it as a garnish on top of your favorite meat. An edible flower can add a bittersweet or grassy undertone that will nicely complement many other main courses. Talk to your specialty food vendor about some of the most popular dishes for the type of flower you are interested in consuming.

Immerse in Water

Even if you are getting your flowers from a trusted source instead of picking them yourself, you should still wash them before eating. This will ensure that no lingering dirt is hidden within the flower. (If you are going to try eating flowers that you've picked or grown yourself, this washing step is especially important.) If you want to keep the flowers fresh for multiple meals, store them in a vase with water like you normally would.

Add something different to your diet by talking to an edible flower vendor that has various options available like edible orchids.