Use Milk Caramels In Some Of Your Favorite Dessert Recipes

Sweetened condensed milk or a combination of another milk product and sugar will transform a plain caramel into one that is soft and decadent. If you are fond of baking or eating chilled sweet treats, melt some milk caramels and drizzle the liquid into cake or brownie batter, a pie filling, or a deep dish of ice cream.

Choose A Manufacturer That Uses Pure Ingredients

The origin of the ingredients that are used to create a batch of milk caramels will influence the quality of the product. Choose a manufacturer that prides itself on using wholesome, organic ingredients or that acquires their ingredients on-site, through the production of milk or the harvesting of sugarcane and other staples needed to manufacture the end product.

If you treat yourself to sweets regularly but tend to shy away from products that contain a high content of corn syrup, seek an artisan manufacturer that produces a healthier version of this type of candy. A good manufacturer will sell their products individually wrapped and with an expiration date, which will allow you to gauge how large your order should be so that you can use all of the candies while they are fresh. Look for those who provide milk caramel, like Cordoba Foods- N Dulce, to see what exactly is available. 

Test Out Some Recipes

After you purchase the milk caramels, store them in a cool, dry spot in your kitchen. Decide which dessert item you would like to make first. Choose a basic brownie or cake recipe and try to pick an item that will be a color tone that is either darker or lighter than the caramels. The difference in color will provide each dessert with a dual-color tone. You or anyone else who bites into one of the creations will be able to distinguish which parts of a brownie or cake slice contain the drizzled caramel.

After mixing all of the ingredients that are going to be used to create a dessert, add a few milk caramels to a slightly greased sauce pan. Melt the caramels over low heat. Stir the contents in the pot and keep a close watch on the melted caramels so that they don't burn. You need to wait until the caramels are a smooth consistency. Use a spatula to scoop up the liquid and lightly drizzle it across the brownie or cake pan. Bake the dessert in your oven. After removing the pan and waiting for the dessert to cool, cut the brownies or slice the cake and serve either product.