What Can You Do With Algae-Based Tuna Meat?

People become vegetarians for a number of reasons. Some people decide to stop eating meat because they want to be more environmentally responsible. Some people are bothered by the ethical implications of killing animals for food, and other vegetarians find the idea of eating meat undesirable. Luckily, there are many plant-based meat alternatives for vegetarians to enjoy. Vegetarians who love seafood will be happy to learn that algae can be turned into a tasty tuna alternative. Here are some of the things you can do when you choose algae-based tuna meat:

1. Enjoy your tuna alternative without a can opener.

Algae-based tuna alternatives are packaged in convenient ways for people who live busy lives. Sometimes you may want an easy snack while you're on the go, but you may not have utensils handy. Fortunately, tuna alternatives are packaged in pouches that can be easily torn open. You can take a pouch of algae-based tuna with you to work or school in your purse or backpack. Tuna alternatives can even be enjoyed on hikes and during other outdoor activities.

2. Get more protein in your diet.

Protein is necessary for strong, healthy muscles. Animal products are high in protein, but vegetarians must rely on alternate sources of plant-based protein. Algae-based alternative tuna is high in protein. This meat substitute is crafted from legumes that contain lots of protein. Algae-based alternative tuna also contains omega-3 fatty acids, just like ordinary tuna. Lacto-ovo vegetarians can get even more protein in their diets by adding a slice of cheese to their mock tuna sandwich.

3. Create your favorite seafood dishes.

Algae-based alternative tuna can be used as an ingredient. You can cook with it the same way you'd cook with ordinary tuna. Alternative tuna can be shredded and mixed with mayonnaise to create a delicious mock tuna salad that tastes great in sandwiches. Alternative tuna can also be combined with eggs, parmesan cheese, breadcrumbs, and seasonings to create delicious fried tuna cakes. Being a vegetarian doesn't have to mean giving up all your favorite flavors.

4. Make ethical dietary choices.

Algae-based alternative tuna can allow you to make ethical dietary choices while enjoying a tuna alternative. Traditional tuna fishing can contribute to overfished seas, which may have devastating consequences for future generations. Dolphins have been known to become trapped in tuna fishing nets. When you choose algae-based alternative tuna, you're making a choice to protect marine life.