What You Should Know About Freezing Fresh Alaskan Fish

When you buy fish from an Alaskan seafood market, such as Kodiak Fish Market, it's important that you understand how to preserve it. In fact, any fresh fish that you won't be eating within a couple of days should be frozen for longer storage. If you're getting ready to freeze fresh fish, it's in your best interest to take the steps to do it properly, that way you get the longest possible storage life from the package.

Now You're Cooking -- Bringing Honey Ale To The Table

Cooking with wine is nothing new, but  many home cooks are just beginning their culinary journey with craft beer. A good choice to begin that journey is with honey ale -- a medium-bodied ale with a bright, honey-tinged tang, honey ale is particularly well-adapted for use in the kitchen. Here's how to give otherwise average meals that elusive "wow factor" just by adding a splash or two of honey ale: